We are Asia’s

Berkeley Capital was launched in 2016 in Singapore to offer guidance and insights to businesses or individuals looking to expand or establish a business in Asia; and to provide introductions and information to those interested in investing in projects in Asia and around the world that are being partnered with or led by Asian companies and State Enterprises.

Our management and advisors are highly experienced, knowledgeable and influential members of Asia’s business and political community.

For both investors looking for opportunities and businesses wanting to expand into the country, Berkeley Capital offers unparalleled expertise and access into the regional markets, with a speciality on West and East Asia.

  • Connected to the right People
  • Understanding the Policies
  • Knowing the right Protocols
  • Knowing the right Processes
  • Experienced at navigating the Politics

For Businesses
Looking to Expand

Expanding a business into a new country is always highly challenging. It’s crucial to know how to navigate through the country’s laws and regulations, understand its culture and customs, find the connections with the right people and companies, and select the right locations for stores, offices, factories and more.

We can help through every aspect of your expansion.

  • Tailoring your strategy to the country’s unique conditions
  • Advising on laws and regulations
  • Finding solutions to roadblocks and complications
  • Guiding you through cultural and religious mores
  • Connecting you to local companies and people to network and partner with
  • Recommending locations

For Individuals
Looking to Invest

With our in-depth and extensive knowledge of Asia, we are well positioned to match investors with existing and upcoming projects and to make recommendations on the suitability and quality of each. Whether you are looking for possible acquisitions or to take a major or minor equity stake, we can advise and recommend the most suitable projects and companies.

With our extensive network and relationships, Berkeley Capital also serves as a relationship broker to match companies with mutual needs and help them collaborate to achieve their differing but complementary goals. As the Asia specialists and with our wide contacts and relationships, we are able to make expert recommendations, arrange introductions and provide solutions for our clients.

There are a wealth of projects around the region and world that are being initiated by, managed and partnered with Asian companies and state enterprises. With our wide network and business intelligence, we are often able to offer our clients early notice of these opportunities for possible investment opportunities.

  • Only invest in top-tier projects with government as stakeholders
  • Sustainable guaranteed returns
  • Integrity and results as core values